Tuesday, June 24, 2014

An Introduction

Why this blog? I have been maintaining a web site, blog and a you tube channel all dedicated to my interest in wood carving. But I have been a woodworker and cabinetmaker for many more years before calling myself a wood carver. Most recently, I have added turning to my set of interests. The thing I have learned from these three, separate disciplines is that many of the concepts crossover and a skill or technique normally applied to one can help solve some challenges for the others.

I am a member of the Long Island Woodworkers Club and within that greater organization, one can be a member of the Wood Turners, The Wood Carvers or the Cabinetmakers. Many members are part of more than one, but I have found most are one or the other. I think of myself as more of a Jack-of-all trades, master of none. I just can't help dabbling in any aspect of working with wood. I am an avid learner and I also love to share and teach what I have learned. I find that shearing helps to reinforce and solidify information I gather about my crafts. So this blog will be bother a diary and a way for others of like interest to follow along as I learn, create and make mistakes in my journey to become better at what I do. I love to interact, so please read and share what you know about any given project or technique here in my Comments.

I have a lot of "old" projects that I have photographed over the past year or two. I'll start posting some picture with little comments. In the future I will try and document things a little better.

Welcome to my latest venture.

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